Ronit Levy, Psy.D., CEO and Director

Dr. Ronit Levy Bucks County Psychologist

Successful, high achieving teens and adults seek out Dr. Levy when the shame, distress, and fear they experience every day are ruining their relationships, careers, and health. Dr. Levy believes that people have the power to feel in control of their lives, even in challenging situations.

Dr. Ronit Levy was named one of the Best Psychologists in Pennsylvania in 2018 and 2019, by Top Doctor. To receive this honor, Dr. Levy was nominated and chosen by patients and other top specialists across the United States because of her experience and expertise in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety and OCD.

She combines over 15 years of experience with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with the latest research in neurotrauma, chronic illness, problem solving, personality, and relationships to help her patients stop obsessing, reduce fears, change negative beliefs, make better decisions, and end toxic relationships. Patients stop feeling desperate. Instead, they feel confident, strong, and secure. As a result, their relationships, friendships, health, finances, and work/school performance improve. What makes her unique is that she has lived with many of the issues that she counsels her patients on. Her patients find that Dr. Levy’s personal experience, combined with her strong professional expertise, are responsible for her outstanding success rate.

Dr. Levy received her doctorate from Albert Einstein Medical School in New York. She dual specialized in Anxiety and Neurotrauma/Health Psychology. She trained at top hospitals, completing her doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship at NYU Medical Center. She also trained with Dr. Steven Phillipson, a leader in the treatment of OCD. Dr. Levy collaborates with top anxiety and medical treatment centers in Philadelphia.

Dr. Levy has extensive experience helping driven teens and adults succeed.  She consults with a wide variety of businesses on motivation, change, and fear and their impact on financial and leadership success. She works with elite universities to secure accommodations for high achieving students struggling with anxiety and depression. Dr. Levy has also presented to the counseling and crisis teams of Bucks County school districts on anxiety in teens and helpful academic accommodations.