Premier Phone and Online Therapy for OCD and Anxiety

Get the Results You Want No Matter Where You Are

You're used to achieving what you want.

You're the one people go to for help.

Now, you're stressed and overwhelmed.

Nothing you're doing seems to be working.


We're a group of premier OCD and anxiety specialists.  

Thanks to phone sessions and online therapy (i.e., teleheath or teletherapy) for anxiety and OCD, you can get the excellent care you deserve.

The therapists who practice at Bucks County Anxiety Center are committed to using the latest science-backed methods to provide you with best-in-class treatment.

Working toward the life you want and protecting your health doesn't have to be limited by geography, schedules, or safety concerns.


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We can schedule online therapy and phone therapy to help you with:

  • Anxiety Disorders (phobias, overthinking, panic, perfectionism)
  • OCD
  • Anxiety due to life events (e.g., births, deaths, loss, job related)
  • Anxiety due to chronic illness
  • ADHD

We also provide phone/online consults for:

  • Work burnout
  • Life decisions
  • Caregiver stress
  • Career changes
  • Relationship issues

You matter.

You're worth the investment.

Treat yourself like it.


Is on-line or phone therapy right for you?

Research shows that virtual/phone sessions are as effective as face-to-face sessions.

Telehalth (i.e., Telephone and virtual therapy) works well for people who:

  • Do not live near cognitive behavioral anxiety or OCD specialists.
  • Prefer the safety of doing therapy sessions at home.
  • Are homebound due to chronic illness or a physical condition.
  • Are parents who can’t make it to appointments due to lack of childcare.
  • Need convenience.
  • Have hectic schedules.
  • Prefer the privacy of talking to a therapist from their home or office.
  • Do not want mental health information in their health or insurance records.

Based on the latest research, teletherapy (i.e., phone sessions or online therapy) is not recommended for anyone who:

  • Is in crisis.
  • Is suicidal.
  • Is struggling with addiction.
  • Needs more intensive care
  • Has a history of any kind of violence or anger issues.
  • Has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Has been court ordered to therapy.
  • Has been hospitalized for psychiatric reasons.
  • Is a child or young teen under the age of 14.

If your therapist thinks online sessions or phone therapy aren't right for you, they will let you know as soon as possible.

How do online and phone therapy work?

For online therapy, we'll use a video conference system that is set up to protect your privacy.

This way, we can see each other.

If you don’t feel comfortable interacting face-to-face, we can talk by phone.

The therapists at Bucks County Anxiety Center are OCD and anxiety experts who use tools backed by brain and behavior research to help you succeed:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety, depression, and life issues.
  • Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) for OCD.

Learn more about CBT for anxiety and OCD.

Live the life you want!

Get the tools, information, and help you need to make better decisions, have stronger relationships, take care of your needs, set clear goals and know the exact steps to take to succeed.

You’ll be in the driver’s seat. You’ll feel stable, centered, and calm instead of scared, sad, and overwhelmed.

Contact us now to set up a phone or on-line therapy session so that we can get you moving in the right direction.